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I am very grateful that I found Jeanne. I had tried for years to find a solution to my health problems. The very first visit she knew where the problem was and how to help me. I had tried many places before her and they could not help me. Now today I have more energy then ever and my problems are resolved. She taught me so much. Very happy with the results.

I suffered from extreme nausea of over 25 years. Even though I ate a fairly healthy diet and exercises I felt nauseated for all hours of the day. I have been tested for what seemed to be everything from food allergies to cancer. Everything came back negative and I was considered healthy..... I am no longer nauseous! It took only a few weeks for Dr. Barry to figure out what my body needed. I honestly still cannot believe how quickly she was able to transform my life..... I can finally live!

"Had sudden flare of microscopic colitis symptoms of abdominal cramping and diarrhea multiple times per day. Afraid to go anywhere. Since treatment with Dr. Jeanne, I have been symptom free. Better than I have ever been since I was diagnosed and treated by Gastroenterologist. Dr. Jeanne is a miracle worker!!"




Blood Pressure medicine cut in half today.

Insulin cut in half today.

Amazing how my body is reacting to this new fuel.....eating right is changing my life." 

I came into this office barely being able to stand up I was in so much pain in my back and abdominal region. I now have so much more energy and my pain has decreased 90%. The supplements and diet changes have not only made me feel better but has made me feel better and lose weight. I can't believe the difference!

All of my flu- like feeling symptoms including headaches, fatigue, dizziness, abdominal pain, and lack of energy are all 100% gone. I have never had as much energy in my entire life as I do now. My body and immune system have become so much stronger from Dr. Jeanne's care and resulted in feeling physically and emotionally better. I have never felt so happy and healthy!




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