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Dr. JEanne Barry

Hi, Welcome! 

My name is Dr. Jeanne and I am on a huge mission. I was a Registered Nurse at Mass General and Brigham and Women's Hospital before becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1996. I then went on to study nutrition and have been specializing in Nutrition Response TestingSM since 2007. After more than a year of intense training, I graduated with a Certificate in Advanced Nutrition Response Testing. This means I am one of only about 500 health practitioners in the United States who have attained an Advanced Clinical Training Graduate status in the field of Nutrition Response Testing.


Over the years, I have helped many people overcome such common health complaints such as anxiety, fatigue, irritability and mood swings, digestive issues, difficulty with weight loss, irritable bowel, allergies, ADD, ADHD and many other health related conditions. With the completion of my advanced program, I now have the tools to find previously hidden underlying causes of stubborn or resistive health situations.


Everyday in my practice I work with individuals to help identify the stressors that get in the way of  healing and health.  I see and hear of women all around us suffering with various health issues..... just not feeling good. I believe health resides in each of us, but various stressors have smothered our ability to be well. Nutrition Response Testing sm  helps reduce/remove the stressors and reveal health again.


If you are tired, lacking energy, frequently ill, anxious, depressed or "hormonal" a personalized nutritional program may be for you.


 I am on a mission, a mission to help as many people as I possibly can, experience the joy of living healthy.


Yours in Good Health,

Dr. Jeanne

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Dr. John Vasko


My name is Dr John Vasko and my purpose is to help you and as many others to have optimal health through Chiropractic and Nutrition. I have been practicing Chiropractic since 1983. In that time I have provided over 4 million adjustments to provide relief and to help give patients their health back by increasing and restoring their body's ability to heal itself. I also educate my patients to help themselves regain and maintain their own health, while they are receiving treatments, through workshops and one on one consultations. In 2019 Dr Jeanne Barry and I have teamed up to specialize in gently treating the patient through a “whole person approach.” We know that many of life’s ailments stem from removing the underlying cause of your body’s inability to heal. I focus on several chiropractic techniques as well as use of the Arthrostim Instrument at Optimal Health Solutions / Middleton Nutrition and Wellness. These Chiropractic techniques work based on the fact that the brain sends signals to the spinal cord and distributes these signals to the rest of the body, from the spine. If the signals are being blocked as the result of stress, like mental stresses at work or home or repetitive stress on the body or from an old injury or recent car accident, or even nutritional stress, it can misalign vertebra. These misalignments push on nerves, creating a pinched nerve that leads to symptoms and loss of health. Dr Jeanne specializes in correcting your underlying health problem by restoring the body’s ability to heal through finding and fixing nutrition imbalances and deficiencies which underly many of today’s most common health issues. Together we use our attentive listening skills to help understand and address your needs. Optimal Health Solutions / Middleton Nutrition and Wellness also offers services such as adjustments, trigger-point muscle therapy, specific nutritional supplements and regular wellness workshops, to not only bring relief, but to also restore and maintain optimal health. For example, Dr John teaches patients back-stretching exercises, educates you on how-to  take care of your spine plus lifestyle changes that you can learn while in the office . Dr Jeanne also teaches patient's lifestyle changes  plus nutritional workshops to benefit your total health. Combined, Dr Jeanne and I bring over 48 years of Chiropractic and Nutritional experience to our practice at Optimal Health Solutions to bring your relief and restore your health.

Look Forward to Meeting you,

Dr. John

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