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Nutrition Response testing

Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive way of determining causes of ill- health. These conditions are corrected through safe, natural, nutritional means, so the body can repair itself. Once the body is repaired, it is able to restore and maintain optimum health.

 - Ulan Nutritional Systems



Chiropractic techniques work based on the fact that the brain sends signals to the spinal cord and distributes these signals to the rest of the body from the spine. If the signals are being blocked as the result of stress, like mental stresses at work or home, or repetitive stress on the body or from an old injury or recent car accident, or even nutritional stress, it can misalign vertebra. These misalignments push on nerves, creating a pinched nerve that leads to symptoms and loss of health. These misalignments can be treated through several adjustment techniques. 


heart sound recorder

The Heart Sound Recorder is a piece of technology that can determine and predict the status of nutritional health. It can also show how stress is affecting your body as well as any vitamin or mineral deficiencies. If you are tired, stressed, anxious, have difficulty sleeping, fatigue, or having digestive issues, this may be for you!


Pure haven

Pure Haven provides alternative personal care products that empower people to live the healthiest lifestyle possible and are 100% toxin free. These products include skin care, body, baby, home, and pet products. Contact our office to learn more about how using Pure Haven products could be the right choice for you! 

wellness workshops

Middleton Nutrition & Wellness hosts a series of in-house workshops to share information about nutrition and to also help you navigate your own health and wellness. 

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