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Bone Broth: The Fountain of Youth

Did you know that science is now catching up with what mothers and grandmothers have been saying for generations?

 The Department of Nutrition and Sports Medicine at Penn State showed how collagen improved recovery and athletic performance. Kobe Bryant and other famous athletes now swear by it. 

Double blind placebo-controlled study with women between the ages of 35-55 showed significant improvement in skin plus noticeable decrease in signs of aging.

Stanford University's Medicine Preventative Research Center studied key factors in the detox process. These factors are found in Bone Broth Soup!

Another study in 2004 published in the Journal of Nutrition stated that this same detox factor is protective in helping to prevent cancer, as well as improving immune response.

Studies also show bone broth heals the digestive track lining. This has been proven by doctors such as Natasha Campbell-McBride to not only aid in many chronic diseases states such as asthma and allergies, but she cured her own son's autism. 

To recap, bone broth soup has the potential to restore health, reverse aging, improve athletic performance. In addition, it promotes weight loss, reduces inflammation, can reverse allergies and eliminate arthritis pain. There is one catch.... you must make it the right way. That's easy though. 

*Reference Curtesy of Dr. Axe,

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